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The Parkdale United Church Orchestra is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by the orchestra members at the Annual General Meeting in early June.

To contact an Executive member, please send an e-mail message to info@parkdaleorchestra.ca
Board of Directors 2017-2018
  President: Liane Luton
  Vice-President/Personnel Manager: Danielle Migeon
  Treasurer/Property Manager: Adrienne Tivy
  Secretary: Bruce Taylor
  Librarian: Don Greenway
  Music Scribe:
Corelle Quentin

  Music Coordinator: Anne Shea  
  Concert Coordinator: Paul Barclay
  Publicity Chair: Jenni Troup
  Program Advertising Manager: Erika Range
  Program Production:
David Jarraway

  Archivist: Peggy Atherton
  Past President:
Bruce Townsend