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Malcolm Armstrong

Malcolm Armstrong PhotoCanadian double bassist, Malcolm Armstrong, principal bass of the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, began his musical career in his native town of Ottawa. Malcolm benefited greatly from his musical family, including Angus Armstrong (conductor) and Daniel Armstrong (double bassist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra) - whom you will see on stage with Malcolm.
He studied at the University of Ottawa and at the Glenn Gould school in Toronto and since 2016 has played with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. Malcolm is a recipient of numerous awards and honours including the National Youth Orchestra of Canada’s Award of Excellence. Malcolm has toured extensively in Canada and has toured to South Korea with the Orford Arts Centre Orchestra. In addition to his performing duties, Malcolm is a devoted teacher and has coached at educational programs such as the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy and Orkidstra. Malcolm currently teaches privately in Honolulu where he spends his free time in the ocean befriending turtles and other wildlife.
  (March 2018)